After a loved one passes away, it is often necessary to transfer the title of assets from the estate or trust of the deceased individual to their heirs.  If the person that passed away had a trust, then the trust will need to be properly administered by the successor trustee.  If there are any additional assets that are not part of a trust and such assets did not have beneficiary designations on them, then a probate proceeding may be necessary.  Probate proceedings tend to be complicated in that there are numerous statutory requirements that must be carefully followed.

At Sturgul & Long, S.C., we understand that settling the affairs of a loved one that just passed away can be a daunting task.  Whether you are simply looking for an initial consultation to get you going in the right direction or you need more extensive assistance, our office is here to help.  At Sturgul & Long, S.C., we are happy to do as much or as little of the estate or trust administration as you like. If you need any assistance with administering the estate or trust of a loved one that passed away, then contact Sturgul & Long, S.C. for a consultation.