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Real Estate

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From Deeds to Offers to Purchase, Let Us Help You

We often assist with drafting deeds for a variety of transactions.  Whether you are an existing client trying to sell real estate from your trust, or an out-of-state attorney looking for a deed to be prepared for estate planning purposes, we are here to help.  Our office can also assist with the preparation and review of offers to purchase.  To the extent that you are looking for help with an offer to purchase, we can also assist with coordination of a closing with a local title company of your choice. 

Real Estate Process

1. Contact Our Office

Please start this process by contacting our office to let us know what kind of assistance you are looking for.  Depending on what kind of real estate services that you are looking for, we will usually forward you a checklist of items that we will need to proceed.  For the most part we will be able to provide you with a flat fee for the real estate services being rendered by our office.

2. Draft Documents

Most real estate work can be completed remotely.  We may need to have a phone conference, or an in-person meeting if that is your preference.  Regardless, once we have all of the information that we need, our office will prepare the real estate documents for your signature.  If you are unable to come to one of our offices in person, we will usually mail or e-mail them to you for your signature.

3. Coordinate Closing and Record Deeds

If we are assisting with the sale of real estate, we will help coordinate a closing with a local title company.  Otherwise, if we are assisting with the drafting of deeds, we will record the deeds once they have been signed and returned to our office.  If possible, we will record all deeds electronically so they can be returned to you as soon as possible.

I live outside of the state, but I need a deed for real estate that I own in your area. Can you help me?

Yes, we can help you.  We have attorneys licensed in Wisconsin, Michigan, and Minnesota.  As such, our office regularly drafts deeds for individuals with real estate in these states.  If you are an attorney from another state looking for assistance preparing a deed for real estate in one of these states, please feel free to call.

Can you help me prepare an offer to purchase?

Yes, we can help with the preparation of an offer to purchase.  Once executed, we can help coordinate the closing with a local title company of your choice.  We can also help with the preparation of any deed work in connection with the sale.

Common Estate Planning Tools

A complete estate plan should consist of more than just a will or deeds.  It is important to understand that a will, in itself, does nothing to avoid a probate proceeding when you pass away.  Furthermore, you may become incapacitated before you die and it is important that someone else has legal authority to make health care and financial decisions on your behalf under such circumstances.  Please click on a topic below to learn more about it.  In our estate planning practice, the following documents are often used to form a comprehensive estate plan:

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