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Sturgul & Long, S.C. is dedicated to providing exceptional and straightforward legal advice in the areas of estate planning and Elder Law, including Medicaid and long-term care planning, nursing home planning, and asset protection in Hurley, Ashland, Minocqua, greater Northern Wisconsin, and Upper Michigan.

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For everyone of all ages, we prepare wills, revocable trusts, irrevocable trusts, asset protection trusts, powers of attorney for health care and finances, special needs trusts, deeds, and marital property agreements.

We provide a full range of nursing home planning, Medicaid planning, and asset protection services.  It is never too late to do some kind of planning, even if your loved one has already been placed.

We can help guide you through probate and trust administration.  Once initiated, we can help you navigate through the process.  We will handle as little or as much of the probate or trust administration work as you desire.

Planning for a disabled beneficiary can be challenging.  If you intend on leaving assets to a disabled beneficiary, we can help you establish a third-party special needs trust.  Alternatively, if you are the disabled beneficiary facing the loss of benefits, we can help you establish a first-party special needs trust to maintain your benefits.

We can assist with preparing deeds for a variety of transactions.  We frequently prepare deeds for individuals located outside of the state.  Our office can also assist with preparing offers to purchase and coordinate closing with a title company.  If you have a loved one on public benefits, we can advise you how to deal with any sale proceeds.

We will first help you assess whether a guardianship is necessary, as in many cases it is not.  If it is necessary, we can help you initiate a guardianship proceeding.  Guardianship proceedings are challenging as the guardian must continue to file detailed inventories and annual accountings.  We can help prepare these inventories and annual accountings.

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Sturgul & Long, S.C. is an elder law office that focuses in estate planning, nursing home planning,  Medicaid planning, and asset protection in Hurley, Ashland, greater Northern Wisconsin, and Upper Michigan.   At Sturgul & Long, S.C., we understand that preparing an estate plan may feel like an overwhelming task. Whether simple or complex, our office will work with you from start to finish in order to ensure that you end up with the estate plan that you want.

Sturgul & Long, S.C. also provides a full range of nursing home planning, Medicaid planning, and asset protection services. Whether you are looking to protect assets well in advance or need immediate assistance because a loved one just entered a nursing home, we are here for you. Our office has helped many clients protect assets over the years through our nursing home planning and Medicaid planning strategies.

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